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(8 pieces in one roll)

Crunchy Monster  $19.90

Spicy Tuna, avocado, topped with crunchy tempura,

spicy mayo and Eel sauce

Magma  $15.90

Salmon, scallions, topped with ground tuna and spicy mayo

JB  $14.90

Salmon & cream cheese and rice

Salmon & Avocado  $14.90

Salmon, avocado and rice

Spicy Tuna  $15.90

Spicy tuna and cucumber

California  $16.90

Kani, cucumber and avocado

Double Monster  $18.90

Tuna,  salmon, tempura flakes, avocado, 

scallions, eel sauce, spicy mayo and sriracha 


Volkano  $16.90

Salmon, avocado rolled topped with combination,

kani, scallions and spicy mayo

Heart to Heart  $15.90

Spicy tuna topped with chopped salmon

scallions and spicy mayo

M.O.M. (Moon Over Miami)  $15.95

6 pieces of rice wraped with salmon,

topped with avocado and cussabi sauce

Tempura rolls (fried rolls)

(6 pieces in one roll)

Hot Philadelphia  $16.90

Salmon and cream cheese topped w eel sauce

Love Park  $16.90

Salmon, kani kama, cream cheese, scallions and

avocado topped w eel sauce

Ebi Special  $16.90

Shrimp, cream cheese, scallions,

topped with Cussabi sauce


(8 pieces one roll)

Shrimp Tempura Roll  $18.90

Shrimp tempura, avocado, topped w eel sauce

Shaggy’s Dog  $15.90 

Shrimp tempura, avocado, topped 

w kani kama and spicy mayo

Magic Dragon  $15.90

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped w salmon , ground spicy tuna,

ell sauce and spicy mayo

MASTER OHATA (M.O.)  $19.90

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, topped w 

torched salmon, eel sauce, cussabi sauce and scallions

Veggies rolls

Avocado Roll  $14.90

Rice and avocado

Rainbow Veggie  $14.90

Shitake, carrots, scallions & avocado

Veggie Tofu  $14.90

Cucumber, tofu, scallions,

carrots and cream cheese

Without rice rolls (RICELESS)

Pure Protein  $19.90

Salmon, tuna, shrimp & kani kama rolled with soy paper, 

served with Ponzu sauce and truffle oil.

Spicy Crab roll  $15.90

Our famous Spicy Crab salad rolled with

soy paper and avocado served with Ponzu sauce and truffle oil 

Make Your Own

Roll  $12.00

Choice one Protein



All Veggies

Shrimp Tempura  +$1.90

Add to Your Taste

+$0.75 ea

Spicy Mayo

Ell Sauce


+$0.50 ea



Cream Cheese


Tempura Flakes

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