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Carpaccio  $17.99

Thin slices Salmon with Spicy Mayo, and Ponzu sauce

Lemon Carpaccio  $19.90

Slices Salmon marinated with lime juice served with truffle oil and lime zests

Salmon Special  $15.90

Sliced seared Salmon with scallions, sesame oil, chili powder, jalapeno and Ponzu sauce

Salmon Belly Nigiri  $15.55

3 pieces torched Salmon belly topped with scallions, sesame seeds and Truffle oil

Jo Jo Trio Nigiri $16.90

3 pieces, Salmon,Tuna and White Fish Jo Jo, Ponzu sauce and Truffle oil

Nigiri or Sashimi

Salmon  $3.90

Tuna  $3.90

Shrimp  $3.90

Kani Kama  $3.90

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